weekly challenge – stairs




The night her father died, the elevator was out of order. They had moved in a week ago into the brand new building, making several trips up in the elevator piled with furniture. The phone had yet to be installed and her brother had raced down the 24 flights of stairs to the public phone to call an ambulance. The EMT had to struggle up the 24 flights of stairs, carrying a stretcher.  Her father was 53 and the stroke was his first. Shoba always wondered if her father could have been saved if the men had not had to use the stairs.


About yogasuji

I started practising yoga at 15 when my eldest sister returned after a year in India. For me yoga is the union between the body, the mind and spirit. Using a breath centred approach, yoga creates a space free from obstacles in your own body to live. Yoga is the release of all that you do not need and the connection to yourself and to others. I am here to help others find this release so that they leave the mat energized and happy. Description As A teacher, I combine informed asana sequencing, chanting, and meditation with a deep appreciation of sacred Yoga texts to provide students with a full experience. Besides physical health, I aspire to assist students to attain mental clarity and an understanding of the ancient yoga texts that will inform their daily lives and lead to happiness.
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